dr. irit landgraf

Hi! I'm Irit,

MD turned wellness coach

So glad to meet you!

I help women who struggle with their wellness become their healthiest selves so that they can live the life they dream of!

I went to medicine school because I wanted to help people, but the reality of the traditional health system made me realize I could be of better service if I met women earlier in their journey, before they were hospitalized with severe conditions, most of which were due to poor lifestyle choices.

The more I studied the more it became clear that what we are currently doing is not working. I didn't want to just prescribe medications and spend mere minutes with each patient.

I didn't want to treat the symptoms, I wanted to help women improve their health and wellness using their own creativity and resourcefulness.

The key to a beautiful healthy lifestyle are small daily changes...

...fueled by your own motivation and autonomy, not a cookie cutter solution prescribed for you.

That is the way to truly improve your health and change your life.

Now I am on a mission to help others discover their dream lifestyle!


MD from Haddassa Medical School of The Hebrew University in Jerusalem

Certified Wellness Coach at Women's Wellness Academy

Completed Health & Wellness : Designing A Sustainable Nutrition program at Harvard Medical School

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